La’aus Taco Shop

by Jessica on September 14, 2011

1335 Broadway St.


Two words: Taco Tuesday. Don’t even think about it, just go.

Upon walking past La’aus several times a day, every day, and seeing that huge “Taco Tuesday” advertisement prominently painted on the front window, it was like they were directing it right at me. So finally, I was free on a Tuesday evening.

Like every Tuesday when I walk by, the line was nearly out the door. College kids, tacos, and cheap- its no surprise people will line up not to miss the opportunity.

Though I was disappointed to hear that their $1 menu is quite limited (it was my first time ever dining at La’aus), there is absolutely something to appeal to every palate. The discounted options included chicken, steak or veggie tacos, in addition to $3 beers, margaritas and jungle juice.

I opted for a chicken and a veggie taco, both to which I added guac and salsa, shared some chips with a friend, and washed it all down with a margarita (obviously, I can never resist).

A bit to my dismay, the tacos were quite small when they arrived at our table. Nevertheless, my flour tortilla (I was also offered the option of corn) was absolutely stuffed. Perhaps it was the guac that gave it this illusion, but I even had to use a fork on my normally finger-food because the contents were making a mess. Surprisingly, I preferred the veggie to the chicken. This taco contained high quality vegetables, such as zucchini, mushrooms and peppers, which were seasoned and grilled to perfection.

You could tell the guac was “hand smashed,” as the menu gloats, earlier that evening because the avocado had real consistency and flavor, as opposed to a creamier mush.

After resisting the temptation of my friend’s aromatic chips for several minutes, I finally gave in. Then, I couldn’t stop, evident by my photo of a skimpy bowl of chips, which was once heaping.

The chips were denser than the average tortilla chip, heavily fried, and salted liberally. Of course, anything described by “heavily fried” has no potential of being disappointing, but the salty crunch was the perfect compliment to both my margarita and tacos. And always a plus, the bowl was almost overflowing it came with so many.

Finally, the margarita. I was slightly skeptical of the freshness and quality of this drink after seeing the cashier spill the mix out out of a “bug juice” container, as we used to call it at camp (one of those cafeteria-style, clear, flowing juice dispensers), especially after having sampled far too many of Boulder’s best. Nevertheless, Lau’aus prevailed. A tall glass, plenty of ice, and one strong margarita. Not the best, but good, nonetheless.

I think I need to re-visit La’aus on a different night in order to give it a fair assessment. The options for Taco Tuesday were a little disappointing, especially after seeing how tiny the tacos were, but I am confident that the other items on the menu would not disappoint. I am especially looking forward to trying the mahi mahi. Yet for a buck a taco, I’d even stop on the way home from class for a snack.






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