Jimmy and Drew's Deli

by dan on February 27, 2011

Whether you’re not feeling well or you’re just in need of the best damn sandwich around, Jimmy and Drew’s Deli has your back. This place is a dream come true for a young Jew from the East Coast. Don’t just take my word for it. They were on the Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate” just last week.

I came across Jimmy and Drew’s three or four years ago when they were just getting started, and I never looked back. It was my second home this week as I was nursing a bad cold. Every time I showed up, either Jimmy or Drew was working, and they knew how to handle the situation perfectly: A turkey club sandwich {$9}, a large tub of matza ball soup{$7}, and a side of potato latkes {$5}. My mom would’ve been proud.

No words could fairly describe how good it all is, but I’ll try and do it justice. The turkey club is filled with turkey, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo on toasted sourdough bread and comes with a side of a pickle and coselaw. Yum. If you’re among the brave few, you’ll most likely try one of the famous signature sandwiches. I usually do, but this time I had to nurse a cold. Their featured signature sandwich is the Jimmy’s favorite, which is a reuben combined with melted swiss, corned beef, thousand island dressing & Kraut. The best part is that they replace the bread with potato latkes! If you’ve never had the famous Jewish potato latke, allow me to explain. Think of a crispy pancake, but instead of a pancake, it’s grated potato mixed with egg and flour and fried crisp to perfection. I like to dip my latkes in apple sauce or sour cream.

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Matza ball soup is also common among us Jews. It’s usually served at certain holiday dinners such as passover. Luckily for me, Jimmy and Drew’s has made it a part of my regular diet. Matza balls are traditionally made from schmaltz (chicken fat). I’ll admit I just looked that up for the first time and may have been a little grossed out. But, don’t let this little ingredient keep you from trying the Matza ball because it’s truly amazing, especially when combined with chicken noodle soup. Ask any of your Jewish friends…they’ll vouch for me.

This is a five star deli. If you live in Boulder and haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out. This is my favorite lunch spot in Boulder because in my opinion it has the best food in Boulder. They have an inviting atmosphere with a couple flat screen televisions. They also deliver and do online ordering on my website www.hungrybuffs.com, which makes them a six star deli.