Pearl Street Pub & Cellar

by Andrew Woodman on March 10, 2011

1108 Pearl Street
Boulder, Colorado 80302


If you want to die and go to heaven, your best bet is to get the cheese wedges [$6.50] at The Pub.  Okay, so you won’t die, and they definitely won’t make you go to heaven,  but this fried mess is a true comfort food to the soul (drunk or not—well I can’t really support the not).  It is only one small menu item from The Pub’s lengthy fry-cook type list, but let me tell you 2 key factors about ordering cheese wedges from The Pub:

(1)  This is mac ‘n cheese contained in the 180° parameters of a battered, fried triangle.  I must have greased through at least 10 napkins until they were translucent while consuming these things, which is maybe something I shouldn’t boast about… Anyway, there’s a bunch of them, and they are all blanketing a seasoned heap of fries.  At first I was inclined to look for some ketchup to dip these cheesy suckers in, but then I remembered they weren’t chicken nuggets.  Even though the last thing I think of when I think mac ‘n cheese is Ranch dressing, the other last thing I think of is battered + fried.  Even though this isn’t a new invention, it’s these weird combos that keep bar food culture very much alive.  And this leads perfectly into my next point.

(2)  The only reason I ordered this basket of cheese wedges was because I was once at The Pub with my pal Jesse when he ordered them.  He got the basket and upon placing it onto our table, I swear to God that 3 or 4 ridiculously attractive people instantly walked up to him and asked, “what are those?!!”  Also one really drugged out guy asked if he could have a bite, and upon sinking his incisors into it he closed his eyes and looked up as if he was speaking to spirits about how delicious his taste was.  Yes, Jesse is a very popular guy, but you have to give the cheese wedges some credit.  They’re a fabulous conversation starter.

While The Pub is one of my favorite bars on Pearl Street, I must say that I’ve never had anything outstanding to drink here.  It’s just a fun atmosphere, and a good place to have some beers and mixed drinks that wont disappoint you.  They could have some better late night drink deals though.  Jesse bought this round, and treated me and my roommate Matt to my favorite of mixed drinks: the gin + tonic.

It was good, but then we hit up the Sundowner (awesome $6 pitchers of PBR) and Old Chicago (awesome Thursday special: $2 beers from their nearly endless line of taps) for some true deals.  Regardless, The Pub’s atmosphere  will keep it a weekend Pearl Street pitstop.

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