Ripple Pure Frozen Yogurt

by Jessica on September 12, 2011

1682 30th St.


After having been to Spooner’s for the first time last week, I decided to venture to Ripple to solve the ever-lasting Ripple vs. Spooner’s debate amongst my friends.

Similar to my previous experience, I went wild with the do-it-yourself, yet tried to stay moderately healthy with the toppings. It is impossible not the bubble with excitement immediately upon walking in the door. If the fun music and bright colors doesn’t put you in a good mood, the room full of candy certainly will.

Ripple’s selection of toppings is impressive, from fruit to freshly baked cookies. The topping bar features about eight different types of fresh fruit, at least twenty candy options, and about eight hot, baked goods.  Every frozen yogurt shop sells toppings such as strawberries and Oreo’s, but I have never seen a store go so far as to bake fresh toppings, including hot cookies and brownies, for guests to load onto their frozen treat. Other obscure toppings included puppy chow, thin mint cookies and cookie dough.

For my dessert, I started with a base of tart/berry swirl. The yogurt was a little sweet for my liking, but of course that could have also been due to the amount of junk I loaded on top. I added kiwi, strawberries, mochi (Japanese rice balls) and chocolate chips, with a few goodies on top just to cure my instant chocolate craving, including cookie dough and peanut butter cups.

So the verdict is…Ripple takes the cake. Though of course both options are sure to cure your sweet tooth, in my opinion Ripple has better yogurt and fresher, more diverse toppings. Nevertheless, it would be difficult to get me to find an excuse why not to go to any store with “frozen yogurt” in its name.

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