by Hayley Hudson on March 30, 2011

4593 Broadway / Menu

Need a reason to go to Rush? Since I’m in love with the place, I’m going to give you five.

1. For a smoothie in a bowl. Using a spoon to dive into a thick, granola-topped smoothie satisfies more than slurping an identical smoothie through a straw. The bowl miraculously transforms a drink into a meal.

2. For “the best granola in the world.” Rush’s claim, displayed next to bags of granola for sale, isn’t hyperbolic like it seems. The granola tastes like crunchy honey and I firmly believe it to be the world’s best.

3. For knowledgeable employees. Props to the guy behind the counter who didn’t hesitate when I grilled him about the menu. “Do you have a bowl made with coconut milk?” I inquired.

“The Oasis Bowl,” he replied with resolution. I expected him to mumble and then consult the menu, but he never broke eye contact. Search for coconuts: successful.

4. For the Oasis Bowl. The creamy combination of coconut milk, mango, pineapple, and peach juice–not to mention the granola–had me thinking I was back on Spring Break (though judging by my dry, pale hand, you’d never guess I went anywhere).

5. For a new place to read Bite Into Boulder. Rush’s location in North Boulder, bigger than their store on the Hill, offers a fair amount of indoor seating, a roomy patio, and free WiFi to access your favorite websites. How will your laptop feel about replacing its typical accessory, coffee, with a bowl of smoothie? If you’re worried you can order one of their espresso drinks, which are also unique to the North Boulder space.

6. My bowl was $6.66, and that was the only weird thing that happened at Rush today.

Rush is fantastic. The bowls are delicious. They have a frozen bowls line of product in WholeFoods. I buy them and have it for lunch almost everyday!!!!

by Merry on March 30, 2011 at 8:30 pm. #