by Hayley Hudson on April 7, 2011

825 Walnut St / menu

When I saw that this Tibetan establishment houses itself in, well, a house, I couldn’t help but feel enamored.  However, good looks alone cannot (usually) sustain a courtship, so I had to explore further before I could let myself fall in love.

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The place we were seated felt spacious but intimate. Instead of one large room filled with tables, the house’s layout distributed the dining space throughout smaller enclaves. Dare I say it had a romantic effect? Everyone surrounding us seemed to be there on a date, and when you factor in my date with Sherpa’s, it couldn’t be denied that a lot of wooing was taking place.

It executed its first move flawlessly when a server brought out Pappadum, one of my favorite Indian/Nepalese appetizers. They aren’t soft, buttery, and fluffy like naan, but cracker-like instead, drawing their flavor from aromatic cumin seeds. Dipping sauce comes in spicy, sweet, and creamy varieties, and the plate arrives free with every meal.


We were in the mood to drink wine. After sipping some Malbec, a red with fruity notes that’s smooth but not as sweet as Syrah, the restaurant became even more attractive to me. As we all know, tasty alcoholic beverages are sometimes key to successfully winning someone over. So far, so good.


For my entree I ordered Lamb Chilli, which bore traces of cumin and cloves, but combined these softer spices with an intense chilli pepper kick. As Usher so eloquently reminds us all, it’s important to strike a balance between sweet and hot. The Lamb Chilli is a lady on the street but a freak in the bed.

Lamb Chilli

During the day, the place becomes a casual lunch spot with great student specials, but at night it has more than a few suave tricks up its sleeve. Here I am a few days later with my meal still on my mind.

Well played, Sherpa’s.