Shish Kabob Supreme

by Andrew Woodman on April 19, 2011

1310 College Avenue
Boulder, Colorado 80302

The food court on College Avenue boasts a bunch of underground (literally) ethnic restaurants, and then a pizza place.  (Italian doesn’t really trigger that ethnic feel, and plus this pizza seems more American.)  Shish Kabob Supreme is one of those ethnic places, which is best described as Afghan Cuisine, but also offers many Mediterranean options.

They have a main overhead menu with pictures, which are also accompanied by a lot of papers taped up on the wall offering other meal items.  Having missed all those papers, I ordered the pictured Chicken Kabob [$6.99].

The chicken was extremely juicy and flavorful with lemon, onion, garlic amongst other spices, and was on top of a huge bed of white rice.  Well, mostly white rice, a select few were yellow (in a good way).  The guy working there was supremely personable and knew everyone (but me…it was my first time) who came in to order.  I even saw him take the freshly marinated skewer of chicken and put it on the grill for me, which was nice to see.  He also gave me those free veggies that were cooked in a slightly sweet and tangy sauce.  The rice made the dish filling, and the chicken was enough to fulfill my flavor expectations. There was a side of tzatziki sauce that helped my mouth find a happy medium between between slightly spicy and cool. Oh and the vegetables were a nice touch, too.

My order included a salad:

It was pretty simple: just lettuce, cucumber, tomato, topped with a super tangy dressing that seemed more Afghan than Mediterranean, but I’m not completely sure. Simple, but nice. The cold piece of pita would have been more useful if it was warm, and accompanied the chicken dish, not the salad.


The free veggies made enough impact on me to want to come back, and hopefully he will remember me, and that will make me want to come back again, and the cycle of Afghan cuisine will continue.

/^_^\  << WOO HOO!

DAYYYYYYYYUM. that’s a long piece of chicken.

by Leah on April 19, 2011 at 9:52 pm. #

Overall RatingFoodServiceAtmospherePrice/ValueRomanceSuitable for ChildrenOkay for Children: Yes, but only if they are very well-behaved. The five-year old in our group was BORED. I actually saw fewer kids there than I extepced.Okay for Couples: Yes, absolutely. It’s a nice place for mom and dad when they want a break from the kids.Be Sure to Try: Everything is good. We had picky eaters and all were pleased. Of course, the pork tenderloin with polenta is kind of famous among us disney nerds.General tips: Reserve far in advance (as soon as 180 days out if possible). Smaller groups (say two people vs six) will find it harder to get a table closer to their desired time. Ask about sitting in the quieter wine room. The dress code is pretty casual official, but I felt underdressed compared to the other patrons dress up if you can. It’s a lovely place. TheMouseForLess tips: The best way to save money here is the DDE 20%. This card has saved us hundreds during our three trips we had it for!Extra Comments: You can park at the hotel if you are driving; otherwise, use Disney transportation. If you are going during free dining, make a reservation way in advance.

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