The Buff Restaurant

by Andrew Woodman on April 12, 2011

1725 28th Street
Boulder, Colorado 80301
The Buff website

Adam Richman from Man v. Food describes the dilemma perfectly: “do I order pancakes, or eggs and bacon?”  The Buff has an even better solution: neither, you order Saddlebags.

With your choice of breakfast meat mixed into pancake batter, The Buff will give you two stacks and two eggs on top—you pick the style.  Oh and, of course there’s butter, too.  I got my Saddlebags [$9] with bacon and over easy eggs.  All of these were recommendations of my Saddlebag connoisseur cousin, so I trusted her opinion in my first experience.

After popping open the yolks and spreading it everywhere, then soaking the entire thing in maple syrup the Saddlebags feature one of my favorite combos: the sweet + the salty.  After attempting to finish this thing, I was seriously food drunk.  It could easily satisfy two fairly hungry people.

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The Buff is a very attractive place for the hungover people who want an atmosphere that is a bit classier than The Village.  If you come to The Buff, it’s not only the hardy yet creative breakfast foods that will cure you, but maybe their Mimosa or a Bloody Mary [both ¢99] could help do the trick.  Instead, I resorted to an Americano to give me a jump start before class.