Whole Foods- Pizza Counter

by Jessica on November 11, 2011

2905 Pearl St.


My quest to sample all of Whole Foods’ offerings continues. This time, I headed straight to the pizza counter.

I must admit, my hopes were not through the roof. I questioned how good the pizza could be in a supermarket, even one with fresh ingredients and a visible stone oven. Perhaps reflecting back on my skepticism, it seems foolish that I had my doubts. Yet the second the pizza landed on my plate, I knew I would be proven wrong.

The pizza options changed almost every five minutes as they continued to pull fresh pies out of the oven. When it was my turn to order, my options consisted of cheese, garlic and onion, meat, vegan and Greek (possibly amongst others). I selected the Greek, which was topped with artichokes, red onions, black olives, sun dried tomatoes, and plenty of sauce and cheese. It was a total knockout. The ingredients were fresh and flavorful, and the crust was the perfect balance of crispy and fluffy. I also loved that you could order as much or as little as you wanted, so you have the option to just snack on one piece or share a whole pie.

If you’re feeling ambitious, my recommendation would be to do a little Whole Foods sampling; for example, a piece of pizza and some goodies from the salad bar. But after trying one piece of pizza, you might not want anything else.

Whole Foods- Sandwich Counter

by Jessica on November 11, 2011

2905 Pearl St.


Welcome to Whole Foods, the health food mecca for all Boulderites; on Pearl, its just about heaven. Busy Boulderites are sure to be found buzzing in happiness over the vast (and I mean huge) array of organic food options, prepared food stations, and specialty counters.

To add to the mix, Whole Foods on Pearl features a large patio of outdoor seating facing towards the mountains. Though there was a parking lot directly in front of us, I found it hard to focus on anything but the breathtaking view. We were joined by students, families and business lunchers, similarly enjoying their Whole Foods experience.

The prepared foods section of the store appeared to be endless, and was almost intimidating to a first-time luncher. Just to name a few, diners had options including pizza, tacos/mexican, asian/sushi, sandwiches, BBQ, salad bar, “greens, beans and grains,” soups…I could go on. In a place like Whole Foods, I typically assume that anything being served up anywhere throughout the store is fresh, perhaps local, and delicious. These stations absolutely passed my test, at least from the looks of it. After about three laps around the periphery of the area, I settled on a sandwich.

At the sandwich station, customers were given the option of about eight specialty sandwiches, served hot or cold, a case full of pre-made sandwiches for diners on-the-go, or for the truly innovative, a “build-it-yourself” option. Talk about choices! I chose the Flatiron Sandwich, a flatbread sandwich with smoked turkey, avocado, roasted red peppers, tomato, provolone cheese and a chipotle basil spread, served warm.

The rolled up flatbread, like a burrito, made for a satisfying and filling concoction. Because I requested no bacon, my server stuffed the roll-up with extra turkey. Though it was filled to the rip with turkey and veggies, the flatbread made it seem a little healthy. I would absolutely recommend this sandwich, especially to anyone with an avocado obsession like myself, yet the entire menu had my mouth watering.

My plan is to sample from something from every counter as part of my foodie quest through Boulder. Nearly every counter offers customized, organic options to cater to a personalized dining experience. If every counter delivers quality foods like my sandwich, I’m in.



by Jessica on November 10, 2011

1651 Broadway St.


When neighborhood favorite Whole Foods went out on this busy corner, perfectly situated between downtown and the Hill, I thought my depression might last forever. But alas, Alfalfa’s swooped in to save the day! As an almost identical substitute, boasting similar prepared foods, grocery, etc., Alfalfa’s demonstrates a similar replacement to beloved Whole Foods, just a mildly lesser selection.

On a cold day, look no further than Alfalfa’s cozy living room, but be sure to snag the table in front of the fire. Contrasted with several other of Boulder’s most cozy study/snack environments, Alfalfa’s was nearly empty and without a student in sight. Nowadays, that seems almost impossible.

Similar to Whole Foods, Alfalfa’s provides a great selection of meal options, including soups, salad bar, creative Asian/sushi counter, pizzas, coffee bar, gelato, bakery and more. But on this snowy day, I headed right for the soups, and ladled myself a heaping bowl of bean chili with a soft roll.

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After requesting a paper cup from the coffee counter, I helped myself to samples of all the different soups before making my decision. They advertise customer service, right? That day, the soup counter included options such as chicken tortilla, chicken noodle, butternut squash, kale/quinoa/butternut squash, turkey chili, and more. The bean and corn chili that I selected really was more like a salad than a soup, which on a cold day, was the perfect thing to warm up. The flavor balance was great while still maintaining a fresh and healthy feel. Better yet, my rosemary fluffy roll was perfect for dunking.

Though the quality of food at Alfalfa’s is undoubtedly superior, they draw loyal customers because of variety, a welcoming environment, and guaranteed satisfaction with their products. Diners could visit the market daily and never try the same thing twice, perhaps that is how they keep the crowds steady. But if for nothing more, be sure to check out Alfalfa’s delicious soups, best enjoyed next to the gas fire.

Hapa Sushi

by Jessica on November 4, 2011

1220 Pennsylvania Ave., Menu


Taking the prize for The Hill’s most trendy spot, Hapa serves up creative rolls and Asian items for the sushi-timid, for lunch and dinner daily. Though it has earned an infamous reputation amongst students and is frequently jammed, I must say, it is not my favorite among all of Boulder’s sushi options.

On this snowy day a warm, sit-down lunch was just what the doctor ordered. Better yet, Hapa’s lunch menu features several lunch specials, including sushi rolls and appetizers, for quite a steal.

For a quick fix to cure out hunger, we started off with some Edemame. Prior to visiting Hapa, I would have argued that edemame was a dish difficult to screw up. Yet after sampling a cold, undercooked and over-salted soybean, I would now beg to differ. Though the menu did advertise the dish as being served cold, perhaps consistent with their edgy and innovative menu, I was curious why they took this spin on a universal dish.

Next, we dug into the Shrimp Shumai, a consistent favorite on their menu. For taste, consistency and presentation, this dish scores pretty highly in my book. But for a joint on The Hill, seven bucks for a few dumplings seems a little excessive to me. But hey, I ordered them, so I guess I’m guilty of Hapa’s spell.

Now on to the sushi. As I’ve said before, I’m somewhat of an East Coast fish snob. Though my friends had somewhat of a phobia for true sushi and stuck to the basics (think veggie and California roll), I went for the Ruby Red Roll, one of their original rolls with cucumber and avocado inside, wrapped in raw tuna and drizzled with their poke sauce (center). Remove the fish, and it was great. Nevertheless, I was disappointed by the quality of Hapa’s tuna.

Despite the letdown in Hapa’s quality of ingredients, I will give them props for their unbeatably creative menu, which may bump them up to Boulder’s best for some. If dining with a group of sushi-phobic eaters, this is the perfect spot for your crew.


Walnut Cafe

by Jessica on November 4, 2011

3073 Walnut St. (also on 673 S. Broadway)/Menu


Outdoor seating equipped with fleece blankets, Katy Perry mixed with Oldies tunes on the radio, and a famous pie menu that changes daily. Am I dreaming?

It boggles my mind that it has taken me until senior year to make it to the Walnut Cafe, Boulder’s best-kept breakfast secret. With a diverse menu of breakfast and lunch items, speedy service and peppy servers aiming to please, it is no wonder this locally-owned joint was packed on Sunday morning. Think of that perfect day in February, when you take a break to soak up the Vail sunshine and load up on cals before heading back on to the slopes. The Walnut Cafe imitates that experience just minutes from home.

Naturally, I dove into my Sunday morning ritual with an orange juice. Walnut Cafe’s  was not fresh squeezed, but nothing could have put a damper on this meal.

The Walnut Cafe’s endless brunch menu was perhaps the most vast and appealing list of items I have read in a while. With options ranging from blueberry cornbread pancakes, to burgers to huevos rancheros, I found myself wondering, what don’t they have? As my usual routine progressed, I experienced indecisiveness, then food envy, then settled on my traditional veggie omelette.

Yes, the picture shows my apparent morning carbo-load. But with the choice of two sides from a list of at least 10, I chose to go big or go home. Clearly, I went big. My fluffy omelette was packed with cheddar, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and green peppers, and I opted for breakfast potatoes and a bagel for my sides. Could you think of a better hangover cure?

I also managed to snag a bite of my friend’s pumpkin pancakes that she chose as one of her sides. I’m not sure if this was a seasonal addition or a permanent star on their menu, but I hope the addition at least lasts through the holidays so my fellow foodies get the opportunity to sample this treat.

If its not already evident, I found a new love in Boulder. I question whether it was the outdoor seating on a sunny day or the food that inspired me on this lovely morning, but either way, it was an absolute hit.


by Jessica on October 30, 2011

2777 Iris Ave./Menu


I wanted to like this place, I really did. From the moment I checked out the menu online before hand, and then once I walked in and surveyed the modern decor, I was in love. Yet after sampling the food and experiencing the slow service, my love turned to disappointment.

The brightly lit room featured cozy booths, eclectic chairs and mod lamps. It is the kind of place that just puts you in a good mood and fosters a good dining experience. But throw in several crazed servers catering to just a few customers and my dining experience went downhill, quick. We arrived prior to the rush on a Friday afternoon, so the restaurant was maybe half full. Yet despite the open tables and well-staffed team, the service was shockingly slow. It must have taken at least ten minutes for our waiter to bring us our coffee and OJ.

The test of all my favorite breakfast spots is whether or not they have fresh squeezed OJ. I fell in love with this hangover cure while I was abroad in Paris, and magically everywhere in Europe sells the hand-made treat in restaurants, on the streets and at tourist attractions. It’s pretty hard to mess this up, its just oranges, so naturally, Tangerine’s passed my test. But was it worth four dollars? I don’t think so.

The amount of veggies in the Veggie Omelette had me salivating at first glance at the menu- eggplant, zucchini, tomato, peppers, onion, sweet potato and a choice of cheese (I requested white cheddar). Yet instead of a medley of fresh Boulder vegetables, the omelette came stuffed with a mash of veggies, similar to ratatouille, that was rather disappointing. I opted to substitute bread for potatoes, which were perhaps the best part of the meal. They were prepared with several spices, adding a nice kick to the disappointingly undercooked spuds.

After cruising by the baked goods on a trip to the bathroom, I added a cinnamon raisin scone on to my order for my group to try. It looked incredible, but the taste was far off. Though I did love the flavor of cinnamon raisin, it was so dry that even a generous shmear of butter could not salvage this pastry.

The saving grace of Tangerine is the adorable atmosphere and impressive menu. But judging from the disappointment of the majority of my crew, Tangerine will not be a regular spot for our frequent breakfast outings. 

Panera Bread

by Jessica on October 30, 2011

1855 29th St./Menu


In a town stocked with countless farm-t0-table, locally owned establishments, it is hard to get myself to enter a chain restaurant. But when I’m craving something hearty and quick, Panera is my go-to spot. On this snowy day, I couldn’t think of a better spot to study and snack.

During last Wednesday’s snow storm, Panera was jam-packed with studying students and local Boulderites, both enjoying Panera’s yummy soups, salads, sandwiches and pastries. We took advantage of the free internet and hung out there all day.

After again being plagued by indecisiveness, I settled on a “You Pick Two,” Panera’s attempt to help doubtful patrons like myself. I selected a caesar salad and garden vegetable pesto soup, served with a piece of their signature baguette on the side. Nothing could have been more satisfying on a cold day!

The freshness of ingredients is always apparent in Panera’s consistent dishes. For the healthy-minded or comfort-seeking, their menu appeals to the masses. For me, the salad was crisp and soup was hearty and teeming with vegetables, and a perfect pair with the warm bread. After tasting how amazing the bread was, my food envy sunk in towards my neighbor munching on a bread bowl.

A few hours into studying, I needed a pick-me-up. Perhaps it is dangerous to study in a restaurant with countless options. The little girl in front of me ordered a treat so delicious looking that I decided to copy her with a hot chocolate and pumpkin muffie (muffin top). Yes, I am one of those people who gets overly excited by festive pumpkin treats during the fall. Creamy and rich hot chocolate with plenty of whipped cream, accompanied by a flavorful but light muffin: #perfection.

As far as chains go, it doesn’t get much better than this. On a cold day, I dream of their soups with bread for dipping. But beware, fellow Boulderites will likely have the same idea, leading to lengthy lines, but met by impecable service.





by Emily Kane on October 24, 2011

1837 Pearl Street


After opening in 2001 Mateo has quickly become one of Boulder’s most popular upscale restaurants. Based on Provencal French food, Mateo brings a little bit of France to Boulder. And with an extensive French and Italian wine list it has something for every self proclaimed sommelier.

To begin, I ordered the mussels (moules). Like Radda, Chef Matthew Jansen’s other restaurant, the mussels are served in a tomato garlic wine sauce, as opposed to the traditional white wine butter sauce. I really love this alternative sauce and the subtle spice adds an unexpected element to the dish. With plenty of mussels to be shared, this was a perfect appetizer to warm up the palate (and the sauce is perfect for dipping!).

Next, I ordered the salade verte. A simple plate of butter lettuce arrived topped with walnuts and a dijon viangrette. After the mussels, the simplicity was a nice break between larger courses.

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For my main entree I ordered the Mateo Burger. The thick patty arrived smothered in caramelized onions, gruyère cheese, and tucked between two large buns. The gruyère cheese and onions were a wonderful mix and a really nice alternative to the traditional cheddar. Although not a traditionally French dish, the aioli sauce (a French garlic mayonnaise) turned the American burger into Provencal fare. The burger patty itself was heartily sized and packed with juicy flavor. It was most definitely one of my favorite burgers I’ve had in Boulder.

Although titled “pot de creme,” this desert was more reminiscent of chocolate lava cake. Underneath the warm layer of chocolate cake, the interior was bursting with a liquid fudge and topped with cold crème anglaise. This dessert was rich enough for a king!

The upscale atmosphere at Mateo caters to an older clientele and is a perfect location for business dinners or casual get-togethers. With impeccable service and fantastic food, I highly suggestive Mateo the next time you’re feeling a longing for the French countryside!

Foodies: Get Pumped!

by Jessica on October 17, 2011

The 6th annual First Bite Boulder restaurant week is fast approaching, November 11-19! I know your mouth is already watering… so check out participating restaurants’ menus, and make a reservation! Personally, I can’t wait to try Alba.

Jax Fish House

by Jessica on October 16, 2011

928 Pearl St./Menu


Hands down my favorite restaurant in Boulder, I have waited far too long to return to this world-class establishment. Laid back but upscale, sophisticated yet simple, all with a knockout location on Pearl Street’s West End. Coming from an East Coast food snob, I never thought I’d find such great seafood out here in landlocked Colorado.

Even as an East-Coaster and Cape Cod local, oysters have never been my thing. Cooked, raw, swimming in vodka, they gross me out. Yet for those shellfish-lovers, Jax is the place to go. Each night, they feature a different selection of oysters from both coasts, depicted on a menu from which diners can pick and choose to their liking. My friend opted for a half dozen, just about one of each, which of course was presented beautifully on a bed of ice with all the fixings, and came with high recommendations from both the eater and server.

For a starter, we were drawn towards the Ahi Tuna Tartare. This unique spinoff on a largely popular dish came mixed with asian pear, avocado mousse, lime, and puffed sushi rice. As if the presentation wasn’t awe-inspiring enough, the taste was. Often times I find my tuna tartare to be a glob of tuna, as delicious as it is, and maybe doused in some soy. I absolutely loved how Jax threw in asian pear and puffed rice for texture, flavor and crunch. I might go ahead and say it is some of the best tuna tartare I’ve ever had.

After being blown away by the menu and liking nearly every option I read, my waitress sold me on the Grilled New England Sea Scallops. The scallops, which were tender and grilled to perfection, were served on a bed of cheddar grits, with a summer succotash and creamed corn. As a true New Englander, the thought of eating New England seafood outside of New England always turns me off. Yet I will come out with my tail between my legs and say with my eyes closed, I could have been eating this dish on a dock in Cape Cod. Sensational.

I left Jax feeling satisfied yet begging for more. Word on the street is their happy hour is exquisite, serving up their standard, quality food at happier prices, so I will absolutely be returning in the near future. Yet as my foodie journey through Boulder continues, I would be impressed if I found somewhere that beat my loyal favorite.