Modmarket (at the Farmer’s Market)

by Jessica on September 11, 2011

Modmarket: 1600 28th St.

Boulder Farmer’s Market: 13th and Arapahoe/Canyon


I can’t tell what I love more: the idea of the Farmer’s Market in general, the fact that it is a mere four blocks from the Hill, or the bomb breakfast sandwich the Modmarket stand was serving up all morning.

I have always been a huge fan of the Boulder Farmer’s Market. From the fresh produce and flowers, to the endless, made-t0-order food options, it is my number one pick for dinner on Wednesdays and brunch on Saturdays. Though often times I find myself too full from all the samples to actually sit down and order real food, today I could not pass up this delicious-looking breakfast sandwich.

I have what some people call food envy. No matter what I order, I always regret my decision after re-reading the menu or seeing someone else’s food pass by. On the rare occasion that this syndrome does not pass over me, I know it was really, really good. Welcome to Modmarket.

I immediately selected the first option I saw on the menu: an egg sandwich with arugula, tomato, provolone cheese, and a basil aioli on fresh, toasted ciabatta bread. Modmarket mastered the balance of flavors amongst all the different ingredients, much more complex than most average breakfast sammies, and managed to keep the bread from becoming soggy from the eggs. Yet the bottom line might just be that I am a sucker for aioli. Probably anything with aioli on it is sure to please me, yet this one was rich but light and went perfectly with the eggs.

Though I did vow to try something new each time I visit the farmer’s market, it will be difficult to stray from this sure-to-please sandwich. Healthy yet satisfying and a sure hangover cure, Modmarket’s stand at the Farmer’s Market will absolutely appeal to any palate and is not to be missed.


by Jessica on September 7, 2011

2525 Araphoe Ave.


Burger lovers beware: Larkburger is much more than your classic, pub/burger joint. With their menu featuring options such as an ahi tuna burger and grilled portobello burger, this spot is so diverse it might even offend the self-proclaimed burger lover. Lucky for me, I was just looking for a quick bite to eat, and don’t even love burgers.

For ten bucks, I think that Larkburger’s got the best deal in town. My favorite combo: the Little Turkey, a small salad, and the orgasmic truffle fries.

I love that Larkburger offers a mini version of some of their burgers because it allows you to indulge on a few sides without feeling absolutely stuffed. Because I’m not a huge fan of red meat, I am always sold on a turkey burger because I don’t feel completely guilty going to a burger joint and not ordering a real burger. Larkburger’s is moist and flavorful, and the sammie is stacked with the perfect combo of fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, sauce, rich cheddar cheese, and a fluffy bun. If you’re into the little things like me, I go crazy over the presentation: always served in a little box with a popsicle stick.

I also love their fresh, ice cold salads, which I find to be the perfect combo with the hot burger. Their homemade asian dressing is light and flavorful, and the salad is huge for just a few bucks. When I was there, they were “out” of small salads, so they gave me a large for the price of a small. I know, I didn’t understand it either.

And last but not least, the out-of-this world parmesan truffle fries. I have come to the conclusion that its pretty hard to screw up truffle fries, but Larkburger’s are among the best I’ve had. The generous sprinkling of parmesan cheese and plenty of truffle oil, both which are spread throughout the heaping portion and not just dusted on top, add flavor and texture to the otherwise awesome fries. This side is so good, it is absolutely guilt-free and completely acceptable to finish them off alone (though I did have some help).

Larkburger’s speedy service, dine-in or take-out options, stellar food, and free sodas for students keep me coming back on a regular basis. It feels like a real meal on a student’s budget. If only it was located on The Hill…




The Buff

by Jessica on September 4, 2011

1725 28th St.



Tip #1: order a mimosa immediately upon being seated, especially if hungover. For a buck, even if you don’t drink it, it is worth a sip. The Buff’s mimosa was refreshing with the perfect soothing kick.

I’m not even a coffee drinker, but I couldn’t help snapping a picture of my friends colossal drinks, an iced mocha and chai latte, both heaping with whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. Though each rang in at a whopping $4+, if you don’t think twice about dropping the dough on a venti from Starbucks, this drink is well worth the splurge.

After debating my choice from the killer menu, I selected the veggie omelette, which came with broccoli, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, spinach and amazing cheddar cheese, served with a side of fruit or potatoes. The omelette was absolutely stuffed with the veggies, which were seasoned and cooked to perfection. I have never been able to find out why restaurant eggs are undeniably better than homemade eggs, but nevertheless The Buff absolutely held true to this theory. I can’t wait to try one of the skillets next time.

After experiencing food envy when seeing the table next to us enjoying their fries, we collectively agreed to order some fries with a side of ranch. I’m not sure if it was the perfectly-crisped waffle fries or the creamy, guilt-worthy ranch, but the combo was killer. Though I attempted to be healthy with my omelette by skipping the bread and opting for egg whites, the fries completely counteracted my attempt but the grease was much needed. Not to mention the thick and creamy ranch might have been the best I’ve ever had.

I am still in shock that I made it to my senior year without ever having been to The Buff. I am almost embarrassed. I am sure I will be dragging my hungover roommates there on a weekly basis, if just for the dollar mimosas alone. The Buff is positively the best breakfast in town and I have yet to meet someone who disagrees.

Spooners Frozen Yogurt

by Jessica on September 4, 2011

1805 29th St.#1138


If there’s one food that I know, its frozen yogurt. I am obsessed, a junkie, connoisseur, over-doser, sample all that I can, and would absolutely call it my favorite food. So when a friend of mine texted me while I was abroad and told me that two new, self-serve frozen yogurt places had arrived in Boulder, I could not wait to get back.

Spooners’ concept and lively atmosphere is what keeps the crowds coming. With over a dozen flavor options and thirty toppings, the selection is sure to please every palate.

Like a kid in a candy store (literally), I went wild. After sampling nearly every flavor in the store, I opted for “fluffernutter,” a swirl combining marshmallow and peanut butter. I started loaded the toppings on with control and an effort to be healthy, but ended with a dish full of candy and chocolate. A cup of strawberries, heath bar, chocolate chips, snow caps, Reese’s, mint patties, frosted animal cookies and mochi (thats just what I can remember) later and I was feeling extremely sick, similar to how I’m feeling now as I’m reflecting on how much sugar I consumed. 

Next time I’ll learn not to let my eyes get bigger than my stomach and that a dozen toppings doesn’t necessarily make for a better dessert. Yet no matter how you craft your “fro yo”, you can’t go wrong at Spooners.

Centro Latin Kitchen and Refreshment Palace

by Jessica on September 4, 2011

950 Pearl St.


In search of the most happening place in Boulder on a Monday night, our one requirement being great drinks, my girlfriends and I selected Centro for a friends 21st birthday dinner. Though we did not know this before choosing to dine there, Centro features happy hour all day and night on Mondays and it was probably one of the best deals in town. If the delicious food, bargain happy hour and awesome patio and bar weren’t enough to ensure our return, our cute waiter absolutely was.

My favorite part about Centro is the killer outdoor seating area and trendy ambiance in the indoor dining room and bar. We went for dinner, but it is a great spot for a quick margarita at the bar or appetizer outside. Better yet, go for happy hour everyday from 3-5:30 or all day Mondays.

We started off with a round of margaritas in honor of Lindsey’s birthday. For $4, it would be hard to find anything to complain about, but luckily Centro’s marg merited nothing to my disappointment. I have become a recent tequila lover and margarita connoisseur and there is nothing worse than a too-sugary drink that makes you full before your food even comes. This one was the perfect balance and instead of making me full, it left my craving my delicious meal to come. 

The great thing about happy hour is that it enables you to try several different dishes because Centro’s happy hour menu featured tapas-sized plates. To soak up the tequila, we ordered two of the three options for freshly-made salsas and chips. First was their mild version of chunky tomato and jalapeno. This one was my favorite because the chunky tomatoes tasted fresh and full of flavor with a little kick. 

To my disapproval, my friends also insisted on ordering the medium tomatillo and chile de arbol green salsa. Though I found it to be soupy and spicy, but lacking flavor, my tomatillo-loving amigos thought it was out of this world. It seems like the thing to do is order two or three salsas to try; the menu also featured a hot haberno and apricot salsa.

Because each item was a small plate, we each decided to order a few different dishes to try. I selected the chicken thigh enchilada, one shrimp soft taco, and seared greens in an effort to feel a little more healthy.

First out was the shredded chicken thigh enchilada, which came smothered in a roasted red pepper and goat cheese spicy sauce with a side of freshly chopped tomatoes. Though I love enchiladas, especially while drinking, sometimes they come smothered in such a rich cheese sauce that I feel more full from the sauce than from the filling itself. This sauce was light but hearty and flavorful, and the fresh tomatoes were the perfect compliment to cool down the spice. My only complaint was that the chicken inside was a little dry.

A great aspect of the menu was their selection of solo tacos, with the option of veggies, pork or shrimp. After consulting with our waiter, I opted for one shrimp taco, which was served in a soft corn tortilla with a jalapeno cilantro aioli and loaded with shredded cabbage on top. There were so many shrimp in the taco that it was spilling out the sides, yet I was excited for “garlicky griddled shrimp” as the menu advertised, but to my disappointment they came looking and tasting more like boiled, mini shrimp. The sauce was absolutely dynamite and I wish it was completely smothered, but I am also a total sauce junkie.

Lastly came my seared greens, which Monday evening came prepared with garlic swiss chard. I couldn’t decide if my dislike in the dish was due to my aversion to swiss chard in general, or my disappointment in the dish. Honestly, I wasn’t even that excited by the idea of the dish when I ordered it, but I thought I should add some green to the table. I regret wasting a dish on that instead of a different scrumptious, spicy and satisfying small plate.

Probably just because we didn’t want to part ways with our smoking hot waiter, we ordered some dessert for the birthday girl, a perfectly-fried sopapilla. It was my first sopapilla experience and definitely will not be my last. I feared that the dish would be similar to a soggy friend dough, but this was crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and dusted with the magical combination of cinnamon and sugar. The seven of us attacked this dish like vultures and watched as it disappeared in under a minute; there simply wasn’t enough to go around.

Though we had planned on a round of tequila shots accompanied by grapefruit and sugar, the birthday girl’s never-ending hangover prevented this feat. Their selection of tequila is impressive which in turn produces an impressive drink list. I am sure we will become regulars at monday night happy hour. Ten bucks for dinner, including a drink, is unbeatable and the scene makes you feel like you have transported out of Boulder and into a swanky city, yet it is right on Pearl St. Thank goodness I discovered Centro before the weather got cold and my homework became overwhelming.


by Andrew Woodman on September 3, 2011

1600 28th Street
Boulder, CO 80301
(303) 440-0476
Modmarket’s menu

Modmarket has a salad bar that could make even the most carnivorous of animals weak in the knees.

It’s better in person, too…and it’s not even the most impressive part about their salad department. After I ordered a small Thai Coconut Salad [$6.50 small, $8.75 large], the first question that the girl preparing my salad asked was, “light, medium or heavy dressing?” What a genius question. I chose medium, and indeed, she dressed it to those exact specification. As I was about to pay I picked up an organic, Austin, TX-made sweet tea made by Sweet Leaf [link:] just because the label was so awesome. It was so good I had to prevent myself from slurping down the entire bottle in one gulp just so I could enjoy it for more than a few seconds.

The salad took 3-4 minutes to prepare, and was incredibly refreshing. And although the title implies that “Thai” inherently means “involving peanuts,” the peanut & mango dressing was pure perfection. It was the ideal mix between an oriental flavor and the ability to keep my daily sodium intake below 500%. Modmarket added some salad treasures to a mixed green base: chicken, shredded sweet potato, grated coconut—and best of all—peeled, perfectly crunchy cucumbers. I can’t even emphasize how good the cucumbers are at Modmarket without devoting an entire post to them. Another time (probably not). Also, keep in mind: I got the small salad… That makes the large size seem like it would be suitable for a man looking to win a salad eating contest, for only $8.75!

Modmarket’s open kitchen extends beyond a salad bar and into the realm of the typical cafe food items: gourmet sandwiches, brick oven pizzas and homemade soups. Let’s not forget the copious amounts IZZE (amongst other naturally sweetened sodas), craft beer and wine bottles displayed on the back wall. To their convenience, it perfectly fits into their simple, modern decor.

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Oh and check out the most indie fountain drink dispenser of all time. A hyperbole? Yes, but close enough to truth that it’s okay. I mean, look at it:

One more thing before I wrap this awesome experience up. My roommate Matt pointed out to me that the receipt shows the nutritional content of the food you order. Whether or not you actually care about this, it’s some pretty awesome cutting-edge receipt technology. My Japanese friend Hiro would label this an example of “American hi-tech.”

Staat zijn om een betere erectie stijf te krijgen en te houden in overeenstemming. Waarschuwingen dan teveel gebruik in combinatie met andere kruiden om het libido en sex, drive. Genteel belemmeren en de natuur, respect bijwerkingen voor elkaars kennis en de regels van de gemeenschap.

I love open kitchens, and I love cafe food. If you do too, you’ll love Modmarket.




by Hayley Hudson on September 2, 2011

1601 Pearl Street / Menu

Life is full of surprises. On Sunday night, I quickly showered and threw on whatever clothes I could find first so I could go meet a male friend for a quick bite to eat at Modmarket. I thought a casual atmosphere, a crisp salad, and some conversation would make for a lovely evening.

He showed up at my house and we started walking to his car… or so I thought. After a few blocks of silently cursing my neighborhood’s awful parking situation, he opened a door. I looked up, saw a sign that said Aji, and realized he was leading me into a restaurant. Somehow communication had broken down and it became apparent that my Modmarket dreams would remain just dreams.

When we sat down, our server brought us a banana bread and cornbread appetizer compliments of the chef.

Two flavored butters accompanied them; the one in front had a spicy kick and went well with the cornbread. I was a little unsure about eating banana bread as a first course, but this one had a drier texture and tasted less sweet than the traditional dessert or breakfast bread.

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Even though I had entertained (really serious) thoughts of a salad earlier, I couldn’t pass up tamales, especially zucchini and bell pepper tamales served with red quinoa and butternut squash puree.

Vegans, this dish is for you. Although finding vegan choices in Boulder isn’t necessarily challenging, I’m still impressed by a meatless and cheeseless dish at a Latin American place. Although that region of the world loves its cheese, I didn’t detect any compromise in taste as a result of its omission. I did, however, want more squash puree. It seemed as though it had been included mainly as a decoration, but it might have been my favorite part.

My friend ordered a chicken and gnocchi dish. He also paid for my dinner. I guess Modmarket wasn’t an appropriate choice for this event, which transformed from a  casual get-together into a date right before my eyes. Our meal was great, though, so I can’t complain. Besides my wet hair that I had slicked back with a workout headband, something borderline inappropriate at a sit-down restaurant that serves fancy butter, I have no regrets following this unexpected trip to Aji.

Khow Thai

by Jessica on August 28, 2011

16oo Broadway St


After having traveled to Thailand a few years ago, I have developed an obsession with Thai food. Some may call me a food snob, but personally I think I just know what’s good. I now know what to order, returned from Thailand with some new favorites, and would never, ever order plain pad thai. Therefore, I am constantly on the hunt for good Thai food. And in my opinion, the more of a hole in the wall kind of place, the better.

So Sunday night I ventured to one of my favorite spots which I am fortunate enough to have two blocks from my house: Khow Thai. Not only is this choice a consistent spot in my book for solid, traditional Thai cuisine, but the service and range of creative and spicy dishes on their menu is an extra plus.

Though insignificant to some, one of my favorite aspects about Khow Thai is the complimentary vegetarian soup each guest receives upon being seated. The small cup of soup is just enough to tickle your taste buds and cure my often urgent hunger, but not enough to fill me up for the delicious meal to come. The spice is hot for some, but perfect for me, and the consistency is strangely more syrupy than a typical water based soup, but works with the balance of flavors.

My friend and I decided to share the Fresh tofu spring rolls as an appetizer, one of my favorite traditional Thai dishes that I love to order at each Thai restaurant I try. Often times the rolls appear on the table looking fresh, plump and accompanied by a scrumptious looking sauce. Yet when you bite into the roll, the rice paper is dry and tough and fillings are far from fresh and much to my disappointment. But to my delight, Khow Thai’s fresh summer rolls were truly fresh and contained crunchy sprigs of cilantro and bean sprouts in addition to tofu (though the menu also featured an option containing tofu). Almost just as important as the rolls is the sauce that comes with; this sauce was rich and saturated with peanuts, which perfectly complimented the starter.

I decided to take a detour from my standard order of noodles and selected Pad Kra Prau, a stir fry dishes containing onion, bell pepper, fresh chili, garlic, basil leaves and chicken, served with a side of brown rice (or white if you so desire). When asked how spicy I would like the dish to be, I requested medium and I was more than happy I did not order it hot, (one could choose between “American hot” and “Thai hot”). The dish was hearty and light at the same time, and the spice was on the perfect line between bland and burning my tongue off, and the rice was a great compliment to cool it down.

Khow Thai is a solid choice for a consistent, quick and easy meal any night of the week. One thing I would have liked to see in their dishes were more authentic thai spices, as opposed to crushed chili flakes. From now on, it may become my go-to spot when I don’t feel like looking dinner but don’t want to travel far, like every Sunday.












Backcountry Pizza and Tap House

by Jessica on August 26, 2011

2319 Arapahoe Ave.


While cruising around Boulder upon my return after my eight month absence while studying abroad, I have noticed several “new” restaurants that have popped up around town. In an effort to shorten this list of unknown eateries, I ventured out to Backcountry Pizza for a lazy Friday lunch.

Upon walking into the establishment, which is fitted out in a beautiful wooden interior, it is hard not to notice the bar, which spans an entire wall and is characterized by an impressive display of beer. Backcountry Pizza boasts over fifty beers in tap, ranging from beers brewed locally to those from Belgium and New Zealand. It is impossible to make a selection without soliciting the help of a waitress of bartender, all of whom are well versed on the inventory and happy to help their customers.

For an appetizer, we decided to sample the Spinach and Artichoke Dip. The massive dish came with toasted slices of bread and an array of raw veggies. The dip, unlike most conventional spinach and artichoke dips, was made up of chunks of artichoke and spinach, as opposed to a dip with more cream and cheese than spinach or artichokes. It was warm, hearty, and a great thing to share with a group.

Now onto the pizza. The menu consisted of about ten specialty pies, or diners could build their own starting with a traditional, gluten-free or whole wheat crust, a selection of about five sauces, and about thirty toppings. We decided to sample two specialty pies.

First, we ordered the Garden Fresh on a whole wheat crust, which came piled high with tomatoes, spinach, onions, black olives and red and green peppers. The crust was soft and had a great, whole wheat and honey flavor. Though I wished it was a little more crispy, it is likely that it was unable to reach the desired crispiness because it was a small pie and all the toppings weighed it down. The toppings were literally spilling off the pizza, a nice change from most veggie pizzas that have a mere one pepper per slice.

Next we tried the Nediterranean, again on whole wheat, which came with pesto, red sauce, pine nuts, garlic, roasted red peppers, artichokes, kalamata olives, and feta cheese. Though a little salty for my taste, the mix of flavors was great. I especially liked the balance of the pesto with the red sauce, which was awesome on the whole wheat crust. If I go back again with a bunch of friends, I would do one fancy, specialty pie and one plain cheese to compare against the basics.

In an effort to feel a little more healthy, we also ordered the Grilled Caesar Salad. On the menu, the twist on a caesar sounded unique, featuring grilled romaine heart, tomatoes, kalamata olives, croutons and parmesan cheese, but the plate placed on our table was much to our surprise. The salad came dressed with balsamic rather than caesar, and the romaine was more wilted rather than grilled. It was quite a creative take on an otherwise consistent dish, and I give them props for adding a twist on the menu. Nevertheless, it was still delicious, but perhaps next time I would order a different salad.

Overall, Backcountry Pizza and Tap House is a great choice for a casual pizza and beer. Though it is removed from The Hill or Downtown area so it may require driving for some people, it is a refreshing change of pace and a guaranteed different crowd. Though the dining room was quite sparse during lunch time, our fellow diners appeared to be Boulderites, not CU students. Lunch, dinner or happy hour, the spot is sure to deliver consistent and quality food and drinks.



The Sink

by Jessica on August 26, 2011

1165 13th St.


Before my most recent visit to The Sink, I assumed that this establishment got by solely because of its prominent location on The Hill including outdoor seating, and celebrity appeal as the oldest restaurant in Boulder and traditional student favorite. Yet in addition to these factors in its favor, the burgers and pizzas are undoubtedly top notch. (Fun fact: The Sink will be featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in September!)

Recently I have been veering towards vegetarianism, so I take it upon myself to try a homemade veggie burger whenever I get the chance. The Sink offers diners the choice to customize their own burger, starting with a base of many different meat options including turkey, tofu, grilled chicken, and a black bean burger. In addition, the menu features a selection of about a dozen sauces and toppings, with another dozen options for sides.

The black bean burger has the perfect amount of spice and an impressive consistency. I often find myself attempting to reassemble my sandwich after the veggie burger crumbles in the bun because it is rice or potato based and unable to stick together. The Sink mastered the craft of this healthy patty with the ideal consistency, flavor and size.

I chose to pair it with grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms, swiss cheese, and chipotle aioli, of course in addition to lettuce, tomato and option. I give myself credit for dreaming up this tasty combo and would highly recommend it for someone looking for a satisfying but healthy meal. The cheese and sauce made me feel like I was eating a real meal as opposed to typical vegetarian rabbit food (as my meat-eating friends often refer to my diet), but the base of the sandwich (black bean burger and veggie toppings) were actually healthy alternatives. Most importantly, the sesame seed bun was fresh and perfectly toasted.

In addition to scrumptious, widely diverse burgers, their menu also features an array of options including salads, pasta, pizzas, sandwiches, and great appetizers for sharing such as nachos, pizza bread and spinach and artichoke dip. Is your mouth watering yet? This spot may make the top of my list for Friday afternoon hangover cures.